Diana Darabi

I am very grateful for receiving the ACM-W Scholarship to attend the Women in Cyber Security Conference. The first Women Cyber Security Conference was held in Nashville, TN this past April 11-12 and brought together over 300 women in Cyber Security. The attendees were a mix of women from industry and academia which included students (both undergraduate and graduate) and faculty. It was a great way to network and meet other women in the area of Cyber Security, which was very pleasant being that women are a minority in Cyber Security.

There were great speakers with current topics in cyber security but also very inspirational stories on how these successful women got to their current roles in Cyber Security. However, my favorite event was the Security Student Workshop which was a sort of security scavenger hunt in which we had to use our knowledge in security to solve clues. This was a great learning experience and I will be signing up with the organizer of the event to participate remotely in future security challenges and games. The whole conference was a very positive experience for me.