Cindy Solano

  • Attended SC13
    2013, Denver, Colorado, United States

I would like to thank you ACM-W for the scholarship and also thank you SIGHPC for your support too. Thanks to all of you I had the opportunity to attend SC13 in Denver, Colorado, United States. It was an excellent experience for my professional life.
It was really important for me to take part in one of the most recognized conferences which focused on the study of HPC. I had the experience to attend different conferences, workshops, tutorials, posters, and sessions useful from the new researches in HPC, works development from different Universities from many countries of the world which showed good contributions to research. I also could visit the meeting rooms dedicated to the technical program, new computer architectures, forums, tutorials, and HPC Interconnections with different companies. I could notice the highest academic standards of the conference, and the opportunities I have if I started my postgraduate studies in a new HPC research project in topics of my interest.
Additionally, I had the chance to get in contact with excellent researches, students and people involved in the conference topic, people with whom I can share research interests and experiences in high computing in the near future. I participated with the student volunteers and I could help in the conference, it was a good experience too. I would like to thank all the people involved in this program.
I also thank my tutor Ann Chervenak assigned for the ACM; she gave me good advices, useful information of the themes and showed me some reasons and opportunities I have as a researcher in computer science. Thank you PhD. Michela Taufer, I could share with her who works for the University of Delaware, and her research group GCLab. Finally, I would thank you to Barbara Horner-Miller and the SIGHPC committee, and thank you ACM-W, because your support motivates and encourages us to continue our postgraduate studies in HPC.