Adedoyin Adegoke

I applied to attend Spring Simulation Multi-conference between 13-16 April 2014 in Tampa, Florida (U.S.A). At this conference, I was able to present two of my papers; one was accepted as part of the PhD colloquium (Consideration for M&S in Africa) while the other was accepted as a full paper (System of Systems based Approaches to Global Simulation in Africa). In the PhD Colloquium it was interesting to see what other PhD students were working on and to find that my work has some significance in the field. While presenting the full paper, I was amazed at the caliber of people who attended my presentation; professors, people from industry and students. It was interesting because I got ideas on how I could improve my paper and had a look at other research areas that could aid my work. This has been so helpful as the presented papers are part of my dissertation. I also got inspired from listening to other presentations.

During one of the social events I got to sit and discuss with academicians whose papers has had some form of influence on my work. I got to see and learn how they maintain good work balance. I also got to discuss with students from other countries/continents about our ideas, schools and cultures. I am grateful for the level of exposure and acceptance I got on my work.