These ACM-W Service Badges are given to those ACM-W members that have demonstrated high degrees of leadership and embody the values of diversity and inclusion. They are emblematic of a high degree of professional commitment that is tied to advocacy and support of under-served members of our communities, and acts as a measure by which peers and employers can recognize these accomplishments. Encourage your committee members and volunteers to use this badge graphic on their emails, web pages, and other material as a mark of their distinction and service. 

Notice that there are slight color differences in the badges that reflect the level of membership or special project. 

You may share these graphics and thankyou note with your team so that they can thank their members as well.

Sample thank-you email to accompany badge award.

Level 1: Leadership Team includes Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Communications, Standing Committees Chairs
Level 6: Ace Volunteer, for members of ad hoc committees and projects teams of limited duration