Quantum Computing: Potential, Practicality, and Perils

When? November 15, 2023, 12:30 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Watch the recording here.

In this episode of “ACM-W Celebrating Technology Leaders,” we invite women technologists from diverse career paths and stages, contributing to the field of Quantum Computing. With our experts, we aim to demystify terms like “superposition,” “entanglement,” “interference,” “tunneling,” and “decoherence” in a beginner-friendly way.

Our panelists will share their insightful perspectives on:

1. What kind of problems are Quantum Computers particularly good at solving?

2. Are there any practical applications of Quantum Computing that exist today?

3. What are some hurdles towards a fast progression and adoption of Quantum Computing?

4. What are some of the main Quantum threats and challenges? Are there any ethical considerations?

5. How can we build and nourish the Quantum Computing talent?


Mariia Mykhailova | Principal Quantum Software Engineer, Microsoft

Marlou Slot, Ph.D. | Quantum Materials Researcher, NIST | Quantum Lead, Womanium

Temitope Adeniyi Ph.D. Student | Quantum Technologies and AI, Cleveland State University

Denise Ruffner | Business Development Executive | Co-Founder Diversity in Quantum

with host Bushra Anjum | Director Data Science & Analytics, Doximity

Watch the recording here.

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