ACM-W Chapters! Tell Us About Your Buddy!

Are you an ACM-W Chapter in collaboration with another ACM/ACM-W chapter? We love to hear from you!  And if you don’t have a collaborator,  partner,  or a buddy, it’s time to find one! 

ACM-W has started a new campaign in December 2022 and is encouraging all ACM-W chapters to partner with other ACM-W chapters from the same/different state, country, or region to become a Buddy.  Your partnerships can be created to achieve some common goal, be it  Academic, Social, Professional or  Service. We invite you to tell us how, as ACM-W chapter buddies, you work towards a common goal and provide a shared experience for your diverse community members. 

To be part of this campaign, you can work with local, country, regional or global buddies. See our December 2022 post for more information. 

The project is led by ACM-W Regional Activities Chairs, Nutan Limaye and Arati Dixit, who introduce their project below.

How did this project start?

We all have our own experiences of facing the challenging period of Covid 19 pandemic.  We had hurdles and limitations on meeting as well as celebrating women in technology. This project was churned out during that time with the idea to create a global networking platform for women in computing to share their experiences of success as well as failure! We have envisioned a platform that provides opportunities to connect with other women in computing when we are not able to meet in person or visit other countries. The ‘ACM-W Buddy system’ was born out of this vision: 

How do we create a sustainable global networking platform which can connect women in computing across different regions with cultural, social, economic and educational diversity? 

The ACM-W Buddy System hopes to build bridges between ACM-W chapters across the world to provide a shared global experience for members with diverse experiences. These shared experiences will empower women in computing globally by enabling a true understanding of the global picture of women in computing.  

What support Buddy chapters can expect? 

The ACM-W Buddy System aims to inspire collaborations between the ACM-W chapters across the world, overcoming the barrier of distance and time! The ACM-W leadership team can provide the following support for the ACM-W chapters that are part of the Buddy System: 

  • Global reach: The Buddy chapters will be announced on a dedicated ACM-W Buddies page.
  • Newsletter coverage: ACM-W monthly newsletter will share the stories of association between different ACM-W chapters. In the 2022-2023 Buddy Campaign, we are calling for stories from all Buddies.

Stay tuned as we are planning for more support in the upcoming months!

What are your recommendations for chapters?

Collaboration ideas recommended in the following resources can be used:

  1. One Hundred One Ideas for ACM-W Chapters
  2. ACM-W Chapter-in-a-Box
  3. Or you may want to organise a Virtual ACM Celebration of Women in Computing

Give us a shout!

Contact us at acm-w at acm dot org to tell us about your current experience or plans on how you collaborate with your buddies and empower women in computing locally, in your country, region or globally. We will share your stories in our newsletter and on our website January-December 2023. We are looking forward to hearing from all ACM-W Chapters around the world!

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