Viviana Bono

Chair — ACM-W Scholarship Committee

Associate Professor 

Computer Science Department
University of Torino, Italy

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Dr. Viviana Bono is an Associate Professor in Computer Science at the Department of Computer Science of the University of Torino, Italy, since January 2005. Her main research interest is the foundations and the design of programming languages, with an emphasis on operational semantics and type systems. In particular, she works on object-oriented languages and on session types. Viviana Bono is the author of more than 50 publications. She is a reviewer of the major conferences and journals in the area of programming languages. Recently, she was PC member of OOPSLA 2017 and of ESOP 2018, and external PC member of ECOOP 2019. She serves as the chair of the ACM-W scholarship program since 2018. She supervised three PhD students, successfully graduated: Silvia Likavec (French co-tutelle Torino-Lyon with prof. Pierre Lescanne), Jarek Kusmierek (co-supervisor with Pawel Urzyczyn, University of Warsaw, Poland), and Marco Naddeo (French co-tutelle Torino-Lille with prof. Stephane Ducasse). She was the local coordinator of the Italian MIUR-PRIN project EOS DUE – Extensible Object Systems for Dynamic and Unpredictable Environments (2007-2009).

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