Congratulations for winning the ACM-W Scholarship for attending a research conference.

You will be asked to fill the post-conference form when you come back from the conference. You will be provided with a login id and a password by writing an email to Viviana Bono. Then you will be able to fill the form online by logging in to our system at this page.

To prepare for the post-conference form for ACM-W scholarship winners, we would suggest that you visit the pages of previous winners, for example, those from 2019 so you have some ideas about what contents are expected. In addition, you may want to read this instruction before embarking on your trip so you will come back with wonderful photos that satisfy our requirement.

All fields with a * are required fields. You will not be able to save the form unless all required fields are completed.

The following is a field-by-field guidance about the form:

Full Name: your full name. This will appear as the title of your page.

Recipient Experience: Please write a few paragraph describing your experience at the conference you attended funded by ACM-W scholarship. You can adjust font to highlight part of the text. You may choose to edit in “visual” model or to edit in “text” model in which you will directly edit the html code.

Scholarship Year: Please choose the year in which you received the scholarship, not the year in which you attended the conference.

Scholarship Type: choose the scholarship you received. If not specified in your letter, by default, your scholarship type should be “ACM-W Scholarship”.

Recipient First Name, Middle Name, Last Name: First and Last names are required field. Middle name is not.

University: Please spell out the full name of your university, for example, “University of Washington” rather than “univ. Washington” or “UW”. If your university has more than one campuses, please specify, for example, “University of Michigan, Flint”, rather than just “University of Michigan”.

Degree Progress: Please select the degree your were pursuing when you received the scholarship, not the highest degree you have obtained.

Conference Details: The name of the conference you attended.

Conference URL: Please give the URL that links to the page of the conference. Please note that the URL has to start with http://.

Conference Start/End Date: Please select from the calendar the start/end date of the conference.

Conference Location: Please first select the country from the pulldown menu. If the country you selected is United States, an additional pulldown menu will appear to ask you to select state. For city, please spell out the full name of the city, for example, “San Francisco” instead of “SF”.

Upload Photo: Your photo should satisfy the following requirements:

  1. It should contain you at the conference site, and hopefully only you. If you do want to submit a photo in which you are presenting your post to a group of people or a photo you took with a researcher you admire, you should explicit identify which one is you at the very end of your “recipient experience”.
  2. The photo would be better in horizontal/landscape format, with the width:height ratio of 4:3. The width should be around 600 pixels and the height around 450 pixels.

When you have your photo ready, click “upload photo”, then drag and drop your photo in the the box.

Please don’t fill in any field below in the “admin use only” selection.

When you are all done, please click “save draft”. Scholarship committee will review your submission then either publish it on our webpage or contact you for revision.