Zaidat Ibrahim

  • PHD Student
    Indiana University Bloomington
    Attended CHI 2023
    2023, Hamburg, Germany

I attended CHI 2023 at Hamburg Germany, where I got the opportunity to present my work at the WISH Symposium at CHI 2023. The Workgroup on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH) connects and fosters engagement and collaborative discourse amongst academic and industry researchers across human-computer interaction, medical informatics, health informatics, digital health, and beyond with an overarching goal to advance innovations in health and wellbeing. CHI (Conference on Human Computing Interaction) brings together HCI researchers and practitioners from all over the world and from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and positionalities. I gained useful feedback for my research, and learned from thoughtful conversations around care, AI & Health. I also got the opportunity to meet and engage with renowned researchers conducting similar research work.
Thank you, ACM-W for the travel award scholarship to attend CHI 2023. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend CHI, visit Germany, present my research, to put my 2+years of self-learning german into practice in real context. Thank you for the unique opportunity.