Grete Helena Kütt

  • Undergraduate Student
    Pomona College, CA
    Attended CHI 2019
    2019, Glasgow, United Kingdom

CHI 2019 was my first experience attending a research conference. It was also my first time presenting my own research, since I am the first author of a research paper on eye-tracking and collaboration. Moreover, I participated as a student volunteer. Thus, I got to experience the conference in many different roles. During the event, I met a lot of scholars, researchers and professors, and had engaging discussions on the future research ideas and collaboration possibilities. While participating in paper sessions and workshops, I gained a thorough overview the state-of-the-art research in Human-Computer Interaction. My own research talk enabled me to introduce and explain my research project to wider audience. I was glad to see the auditorium full of listeners who gave a lot of positive feedback and asked several pertinent questions. As an undergraduate participant, I was one of the youngest researchers at the event. Therefore, being surrounded by professors and prominent researchers at CHI was a great source of inspiration for my future studies. I would like to sincerely thank ACM-W for giving me this unique opportunity.