Eliane Dias

  • PHD Student
    University of Campinas (UNICAMP)
    Attended Interact 2019
    2019, Paphos, Cyprus

My participation in INTERACT 2019 was very relevant to contribute to my scientific formation and the opportunity to disseminate the findings from my investigation.  The presential talk in an international Conference made me more confident about my research.

I have learned a lot about various subjects related to my research and about new methods and techniques used in similar researches. Keynote speakers’ speeches were especially positive to bring potential new perspectives to the research. Paula Kotzé’s talk on the skills required in the coming years for HCI made even more evident the importance of merging the emphasis on soft and hard skills in my and other students’ education.

Some lectures on design’s influence on the adoption of new technologies gave me insights for future work. I will be looking into designing data visualization tools for student adoption of a technology course in business management. I knew some participatory approaches that were used in system design for various areas which has potential application in my research. An education article has applied similar practices to the ones I’m using, but with slightly different direction. I will test this approach for organizing the next workshops of my research.

Finally, the feedback I received after my presentation will provide new insights and contributions to my research. Additionally, I noticed some aspects that I should highlight in future presentations. I had the opportunity to meet people from other cultures. The ACM-W scholarship awarded to me to attend the Interact conference has brought me many experiences that will be valuable to my short and long terms professional development.