Alexandra Diehl

  • PHD Student
    Faculty of Exact and Natural Science, University of Buenos A
    Attended SIGGRAPH 2014
    2014, Vancouver, Canada

During the SIGGRAPH 2014, I attended to several courses, focused in Visualization and in Human-Computer interaction, such as:
– Fundamentals Seminar
– Introduction to WebGL Programming
– Put on Your 3D Glasses Now: The Past, Present, and Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality
– Introduction to 3D Gestural Interfaces

I also attended to the Art Gallery, Apy hour, Job Fair, and several talks, posters, and panels. I learnt a lot from all of them. It was an exciting time that allowed me to make new contacts of very important researchers from Cesium, Google, Microsoft Research, NIST, Oculus Vr, among others.

It was an incredible experience, unique in many senses, and an important source for professional growth. It fueled me of new energies to continue with my research and my PhD, with first-hand information from top researchers, and also feed me with new ideas for my work in progress.

It was really an honor to attend this event, and I appreciate a lot that ACM-W made this possible. Thank you very much!

I also would like to thank one of my tutors William Joel (“Bill”), who is a great person and researcher, and who guided me and helped me a lot in the first steps of the conference.