Alexandra Chronopoulou

Attending NAACL 2019 was a unique and amazing experience. Through the scholarship provided by ACM-W, I was able to travel to Minneapolis, USA in order to present my paper, entitled “An Embarrassingly Simple Approach for Transfer Learning from Pretrained Language Models”. Since I had worked hard for this paper throughout my undergraduate thesis, I was honored and excited by the opportunity to present it to Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence scientists from around the globe. This was the first time I attended an international research conference. There, after presenting the paper, several members of the community gave me crucial feedback and we discussed about potential extensions of the proposed approach of my paper. By interacting with them, I realized that the NLP/ML community is open and welcoming. Furthermore, getting to meet people, whose scientific work I had studied and relied on for my first steps in research was a truly rewarding experience, as it motivated me even more to continue working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Listening to talks from distinguished professors and researchers allowed me to understand state-of-the-art ideas and get inspiration for my own research work. Finally, attending NAACL 2019 solidified my choice of pursuing a PhD in NLP and attempting to conduct meaningful and influencing research in the field. I am grateful to ACM-Women foundation for assisting me in attending this international conference and I will always treasure this experience.