ACM-W Scholars 2022

Viviana Sutedjo

  • MS Student
    Technical University of Munich
    Attended IEEE ICRA 2022
    2022, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
After a long period of online conferences during Covid, the time had finally come to attend an in-person conference. I had looked forward to my first conference as an attendee for a long time, and since I was lucky enough to have my first paper published in the IEEE ICRA 2022, I was more than […]

Lavínia Francesca Paganini

My journey for ICSE 2022 started in 2020. I received the ACM-W award to go for ICSE 2020 in Seoul since I had a paper in CHASE (at the time, a workshop; now, it’s a co-located event). However, all the events went virtual – with the uncertainty if they could go back for the in-person […]

Luana Martins

Attending the 44th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2022) was my first in-person international conference as the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic have changed how scientific conferences occurred in the last two-three years. Although the conference was held in-person, we must wear a mask to ensure the safety and well-being of the attendants. […]

Viviane Herdel

For CHI 2022, I had a full paper accepted as a first author which received an honorable mention award. The paper title is “Above and Beyond: A Scoping Review of Domains and Applications for Human-Drone Interaction”. In this project, we present a holistic view of domains and applications of use that are described, studied, and […]