Zongyi Xu

It’s my honor to get ACM-W Scholarship. I am in my second year of the PhD study. My recent work on correspondence on 3D human model (“Symmetry-aware Human Shape Correspondence using Skeleton”) had just been published in the 22nd International Conference on Multimedia Modelling (MMM)( http://www.eecs.ucf.edu/mmm2016/), which is a world leading conference in multimedia research area.

With this fund, I successfully attended the leading conference in my research area, building connections with many experienced researchers. In the conference, I displayed my work in the poster section and received many positive feedbacks which benefit improving my work a lot. I also attend to the panels, oral, special poster and several talks. I learnt a lot from all of them. It was an exciting experience that allows me to make contacts of experienced researchers from all parts of the world.

I appreciate a lot that ACM-w Scholarship made it possible to attend this exciting event.

Lisa Kopf

I want to thank the ACM-W scholarship committee for supporting my travel to Bethesda, MD to attend Wireless Health 2015.

I am a doctoral candidate in communicative sciences and disorders, and my primary interest is in the area of voice disorders. My presentation, “Videos Influence Behavior Change Measures for Voice and Speech in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease,” was an opportunity to showcase my integrated research perspective to the mobile health community.

My experience at Wireless Health was great! This conference is a wonderful mix of people working in the healthcare field and people working in mobile health technology- and I fit right in. I had the opportunity to talk with many conference attendees, and received a lot of positive feedback on my research path.

Raazia Sosan

Excellent experience. Learned really a lot. I got a lot of exposure and ideas about the latest trends in Computer Graphics. I can guide and train the women in my society really well now about how to excel in the area of Computer Graphics. I am thankful to ACM-W for providing me this once in a life-time experience to the attend the most prestigious conference, SIGGRAPH 2020.

Jingmei Hu

ICSE 2020 was an unusual but great experience for me. This year, it was held virtually. The conference had a well-developed online platform to do virtual academic or social chat and every virtual session was well-organised. I really enjoyed learning from others in SE-related fields. It would help me in developing good research works in future.

Nayantara Kotoky

ICMLA 2019 was a great experience for me, especially with the varieties of applications that I was fortunate to learn about. The conference had a wide selection of new applications of machine learning, and it was a good platform to learn of the multitude of ways in which machine learning can contribute to the society and solve diverse problems. Coupled with the sunny weather of Florida and the excellent food in the conference, ICMLA 2019 was one experience I would love to repeat!

Chhavi Sharma

It was a wonderful experience of attending and presenting my work at NeurIPS and OPT ML (co-located with NeurIPS) workshops. These were my first presentations at the international conference workshops. I got an opportunity to present my work in front of renowned researchers working in the similar domain. The workshops had a diversity of interesting keynote talks. I really enjoyed the talks, poster sessions, and events. Some talks discussed advancing the state-of-the-art techniques used in various machine learning problems. It would help me in developing good quality research work for the future. The talks and poster sessions left me inspired towards the current research in machine learning. I am very grateful to ACM-W scholarship for supporting my attendance at NeurIPS and OPT ML workshops.

Shringi Kumari

I had an accepted full paper as first author titled “The Role of Uncertainty in Moment-to-Moment Player Motivation: A Grounded Theory”.

At CHI Play 2019, I presented a taxonomy of uncertainty in games created using grounded theory methodology. It is developed by analysing interviews of players reporting their experience of playing casual games – tracing links between uncertainty experiences, specific game features, and player motives. I presented seven types of engaging game-play uncertainty emerging from three sources – game, player, and outcome – and links to likely underlying motives, chief among them curiosity and competence.

CHI Play being the biggest and most relevant conference for Games HCI, presenting at which gave me a unique opportunity to showcase my work, get feedback and network for future work. It has proven to be a crucial step for my 4th year plan in finding ways to invoke engaging uncertainty in games. I believe getting input on that from expert researchers working in the field helped me a great deal.

Eliane Dias

My participation in INTERACT 2019 was very relevant to contribute to my scientific formation and the opportunity to disseminate the findings from my investigation.  The presential talk in an international Conference made me more confident about my research.

I have learned a lot about various subjects related to my research and about new methods and techniques used in similar researches. Keynote speakers’ speeches were especially positive to bring potential new perspectives to the research. Paula Kotzé’s talk on the skills required in the coming years for HCI made even more evident the importance of merging the emphasis on soft and hard skills in my and other students’ education.

Some lectures on design’s influence on the adoption of new technologies gave me insights for future work. I will be looking into designing data visualization tools for student adoption of a technology course in business management. I knew some participatory approaches that were used in system design for various areas which has potential application in my research. An education article has applied similar practices to the ones I’m using, but with slightly different direction. I will test this approach for organizing the next workshops of my research.

Finally, the feedback I received after my presentation will provide new insights and contributions to my research. Additionally, I noticed some aspects that I should highlight in future presentations. I had the opportunity to meet people from other cultures. The ACM-W scholarship awarded to me to attend the Interact conference has brought me many experiences that will be valuable to my short and long terms professional development.

Saríah López Fierro

As an IT and education enthusiastic, SIGITE was beyond my expectations.

Keynotes, papers and posters served as a good source of inspiration for assuring and adjusting some of my former ideas for my doctoral thesis proposal. I enjoyed talking to some of the authors and learned more about their researches.

Workshops were fantastic too. Hearing from the Code Lab and Google solutions was helpful not only for my academic profile, but it was a good guide for my professional growth too. They were kind and willing to share information and opportunities with us.

SIGITE staff was wonderful! I felt welcome and appreciated their kindness. They were attentive and ready to answer any questions that I had. I was excited to meet the people that had arranged all the details for making my attendance possible.

Thanks to the ACM-W scholarship for making this opportunity. I enjoyed this full powerful experience!

Saumya Gupta

My experience at TEI was inspiring. I enjoyed the talks, demos, and the art show. I met and connected with a number of people with similar interests. The small size of the conference made this easier. I attended a studio as well where I was able to concentrate on a topic and make long-term connections with. I presented and demoed my first academic paper. I received good feedback on my work, and this was a great platform to present it. The conference left me refreshed and inspired.

Sangita Dhara

As I am pursuing my Ph.D. on protocol development for deep space network, this conference was especially relevant to my area of research interest and therefore, attending this conference serves several academic purposes. I got the opportunity to network with other experts around the globe, specially from JPL, NASA. I presented my paper in front of the scientists and researchers who are actually the pioneers of this field. They are very much interested about my work and few of them want to do some extended work in collaboration with me.  Overall, I also got some ideas about the future direction of my work. Furthermore, as my work is also related to a project of Indian Space research Organization (ISRO),  I will also get a chance to introduce the research-advancement of India in the area of space networking in front of the scientists of other space agencies with same interest. Besides, I got the opportunity to listen about the recent advancement of space networking from all other experts of JPL, NASA and many more.

Shibani Antonette

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

My attendance at the ninth International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference 2019 (LAK19) was a valuable learning experience even with the arduous travel to the USA from down under. I kicked off LAK19 with a full day Writing Analytics workshop I chaired on mapping the state of the field and future directions. In the main conference, I presented our full research paper, co-authored by Dr. Simon Knight and Prof. Simon Buckingham Shum on Contextualizable Learning Analytics Design: A Generic Model and Writing Analytics Evaluations, which was well-received by the audience and sparked further conversations. I attended various presentations and keynote talks on the emerging applications of data mining and artificial intelligence in the field of education, which widened my knowledge and perspectives on the research and practice in learning analytics. I got ample opportunities to interact with researchers, industry members, and practitioners, both previously acquainted and new, and formed networks for possible collaborations. I was thoroughly immersed in community building at the poster sessions and networking events throughout the conference. I also officially joined the Society of Learning Analytics (SOLAR) executive committee as the elected student member in its annual general meeting held at the conference. I would like to thank ACM for supporting this truly memorable experience, and look forward to more learning experiences in the future.