News From ACM-W Chapters — March, 2017

In 2017, we begin a new series about activities that our ACM-W Chapters organize – activities that are easy to organize and that can inspire other chapters to duplicate the ideas.  March’s activity involves organizing a mentoring program for any ACM-W chapter.  Start by constructing a form (electronic or paper) where students can select if they want to mentor or to be mentored.  Add at least a blank for students’ year in school and space for their interests.  Launch the program with an event where a small panel of two mentoring pairs describes the benefits of the relationships and gives tips for duplicating the successes of their own experiences.  Distribute the mentoring forms at the event.  Then match older students who want to mentor with younger students who want to be mentored by examining their similar interests.  Ask students for a commitment of at least one meeting per month per semester.  Send a monthly reminder to the mentors, providing a sketch of a topic to discuss.  For example, as registration approaches, ask each mentor to discuss her mentee’s choices for classes and to provide her own advice (to supplement the advice of the adviser) about class selection.

Drexel University recently began a new mentoring program.  Read more about the Drexel program