Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Self-Care: A Candid Discussion with Women Technologists

When? Mar 16, 2022 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Whether it is the stress and responsibilities of ordinary life, job-related pressures, or pandemic created conditions, numerous stressors challenge our mental wellbeing. In this episode of “ACM-W Celebrating Technology Leaders,”, leading women technologists open up on the issue of mental health and wellbeing. They share stories of personal struggles, growth, and resilience and provide strategies for managing such challenges. We also explore the topic of self-care, small steps you can take yourself, and when you may need professional help.

Join host Bushra Anjum and her panelists for an honest and timely discussion on recognizing the signs of mental distress in yourself and some of the best practices for supporting personal wellbeing.


Tertia Labuschagne | Digital Transformative Executive at Massmart and Independent Holistic Health Coach (INHC)

Katie Panciera, Ph.D. | Assistant Professor at Milwaukee School of Engineering

 Courtney Thurston-Del Buono | Software Engineer at Microsoft

 Virginia Grande | Ph.D. Student at Company NameUppsala University

with host Bushra Anjum

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