ACM-W Asia Pacific regional meeting.

At the CompEd2019 Conference held in Chengdu, China in May a pre-conference workshop was organised by Jodi Tims and facilitated by Catherine Lang, with the aim of establishing an ACM-W regional community in the Asia Pacific region to identify, grow and support Women in Computing efforts.

Representatives from six countries were present: Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand.  The two-day workshop consisted of a series of presentations and discussions, with opportunities for members to share their own experiences for encouraging women in computing in their universities, and promoting the profession in the wider community.

The attendees were also fortunate to meet both Jodi Tims and Reyyan Ayfer over the Zoom Messaging system. Reyyan joined us from Turkey and shared her experiences in setting up the ACM-Europe group as well as providing tips on how to build the team, keep in touch and celebrate together either with local or regional events. Her advice of taking ‘baby steps’ was invaluable to the group. Jodi was able to join us from the USA, providing support and encouragement to the workshop. Other presenters were Jacqueline Tate and Jenine Beekhuyzen who explained how they manage fundraising, sponsorship and outreach activities. 

At the conclusion of the two-day event there was a sense of enthusiasm to explore the possibility of regional events and celebrations. The first online meeting was held this week, and plans are underway to structure and grow the group by inviting members from other Asia Pacific countries, gain visibility of the group on-line as well as agree on the location of our first event. 

We are also keeping in mind Reyyan’s advice of ‘baby steps’. Thank you to Jodi and the ACM-W for initiating this excellent opportunity.

If anyone would like to join the group and help the Steering Committee please contact Catherine Lang.