Adriana Wilde has been appointed as the new Communications Co-chair

Please join us in welcoming Adriana Wilde as the new communications co-chair. Adriana is a Lecturer in Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, where she has recently returned to, now as a member of the new Digital Health and Biomedical Engineering research group. She has been a dedicated technology educator for over 30 years, charting a very unconventional path in her discipline. Her professional journey began in 1991 as a teaching assistant in the school where she was pursuing her “Licenciatura” in Computer Science (a 5-year honors degree) at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Ever since, she has continued to pursue her passion for technology and education. Adriana went on to gain several postgraduate qualifications, including an MSc in Computer Science (a joint master from the universities of Bern, Fribourg, and Neuchatel in Switzerland), a Postgraduate Certificate in Education for Post-Compulsory Education and Training (from the University of Southampton) and, more recently, a PhD in Computer Science, also from Southampton. Her expertise lies in diverse areas such as computer science education, digital health, and human-computer interaction.

A long-standing member of the ACM (from 2014, having won an ACM-W scholarship to attend the ICST 2013 in New Zealand), Adriana has actively participated in the organization since. She was the treasurer of the former UK and Ireland Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education chapter (UKI SIGCSE) in 2018. She has also been part of the year-on-year success of one of the most important of ACM-W Europe’s initiatives, the celebration of women in computing, womENcourageTM, where she served as poster chair and member of the steering committee for several years, liaising with hosts, supporters, reviewers, and applicants throughout Europe and beyond.

Over the years, Adriana’s dedication to promoting diversity in technology has shone brightly. She is deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and equality in the discipline. In addition to her roles with ACM, she has actively championed diversity initiatives at both the University of St Andrews and the University of Southampton.

With her experience and unwavering dedication to promoting women in computing, Adriana is eager to assume the role of Communications Co-Chair at ACM-W. She is looking forward to collaborating with Dr. Cigdem Sengul, her fellow Co-Chair, and the rest of the wider team in ACM-W to undertake projects that will amplify the voices of the global computing community.

Through working together, she believes that we all can achieve a more diverse and inclusive future in the world of computing and technology.

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