ACM-W Scholarships Looking Forward

by Viviana Bono (chair of the ACM-W scholarship programme)

The pandemic is not over and we are all subject to its consequences. Travelling is still a dream these days. Who could foresee that the world would look so big again, after decades of having almost all corners of Earth within reach in a few hours. For us working in Science and Technology it means also missing many opportunities to attend conferences in person and make those human connections leading to strong collaborations, sometimes life-long ones, that make our jobs much better. We, the ACM-W committee, feel sorry especially for those female students who are at the beginning or in the middle of their PhD, when attending a conference can be a true life-changer. 

Scholarship Awarded – Congratulations Yulia Goldenberg!

In the past two cycles, December 2020 and February 2021, we had, respectively, zero and two applications. However, we were at least able to assign a scholarship to Yulia Goldenberg, a PhD student from the Department of Software & Information Systems of the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, to attend CHI 2021. This is going to be yet another virtual event. Nevertheless we hope it can be a good experience and a great opportunity for Yulia, to whom we wish all the best for her future in CS.

Scholarship Committee Volunteer Needed

I’d like to take the chance to advertise a new position in our committee: we need someone dynamic and enthusiastic, interested to be our PR and work with Valeria de Paiva and myself on the newsletter and other communication initiatives, as we strongly hope to move into a better future. Please feel free to contact me directly (Viviana Bono,

Apply for a Scholarship!

Last but not least: the next deadline to apply for a scholarship is June 15. Refer to this page for detailed information.

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