ACM-W Networking Awards

ACM-W is accepting applications for funding ($300 maximum award) that will support existing ACM-W Chapters, who wish to hold joint events with schools that do not have ACM-W Chapters, events between newly formed and established ACM-W chapters, or between ACM-W chapters at schools with significant population differences. The event can be held at any of the participant schools’ campuses. Our on-line application will request the following information:

1) Names of the schools involved in the project
2) Names of the organizers
3) Description of the event
4) Number of people at the host school who will be reached by the event
5) Expected impact on the school(s) that do(es) not yet have an ACM-W chapter
6) What sparked your wish to help/collaborate with this/these particular sister school(s)?
7) Why does your school not have funding for the event; or, if it does have funding, why may that funding not be used for the projected event?
8) Payee
9) Address for the check or transfer (international)

October 15 deadline: December – February events
January 15 deadline: March – June events
April 15 deadline: September – November events

Submit a post to the ACM-W Chapters Facebook group with a picture, after the event is held. A reimbursement check or transfer (international) will be sent to the address provided, after the event is held and after the post to Facebook.

Questions? Contact our project managers Lindsay Jamieson ( and Alan Jamieson (

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