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Melding Mind and Machine: How Close Are We?

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:22

Just as ancient Greeks fantasized about soaring flight, today's imaginations dream of melding minds and machines as a remedy to the pesky problem of human mortality.

Who Are You on Social Media?

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:00

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University and King's College London in the U.K. found social media users frequently adopt different personas for different networks. An analysis of profile images and biographical data found significant distinctions in different demographics' self-portrayal. 

DARPA Will Bake Cybersecurity Into Circuits

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:00

DARPA this month plans to detail its System Security Integrated Through Hardware and Firmware program, with the goal of developing new integrated circuit architectures with no software-accessible exploit points, but which still deliver computational functions and high performance. 

Using Randomness to Protect Election Integrity

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:00

Vanderbilt University professor Eugene Vorobeychik and colleagues have combined game theory and computer security expertise to design a method for auditing electoral outcomes to maximize the odds of revealing attacks on voting systems. 

What Americans Are Most Worried About When It Comes to Robots

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 12:00

Fifty-seven percent of surveyed U.S. adults already notice the presence of artificial intelligence in their daily lives, but they are divided concerning its threat potential, according to a Morning Consult poll. Forty-one percent of respondents see AI as safe while 38 percent consider it dangerous. 

The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 14:54

Last year, a strange self-driving car was released onto the quiet roads of Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Mobile-Phone Signals Bolster Street-Level Rain Forecasts

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 14:05

Meteorologists have long struggled to forecast storms and flooding at the level of streets and neighborhoods, but they may soon make headway thanks to the spread of mobile-phone networks.

'We All Love the Tomahawk:' A Brief History of U.S.'s Favorite Robotic Killer

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 13:52

In the early hours of Friday morning, two U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyers in the waters of the eastern Mediterranean Sea launched a barrage of Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles (TLAMs) toward a Syrian Air Force airstrip at Ash Shayrat, Syria.

It's Time to Dump Moore's Law to Advance Computing, Researcher Says

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:00

R. Stanley Williams, a senior fellow at Hewlett Packard Labs, proposes no longer following Moore's Law in chipmaking, saying in a recent research paper that the end of Moore's Law "could be the best thing that has happened to computing in decades." 

Internet Inventor: Make Tech Accessibility Better Already

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:00

Google chief Internet evangelist Vint Cerf says technology has a poor record of accommodating people with disabilities, and he would like to see more progress made.

Why Are UCSD Scientists Disguising Themselves as Empty Car Seats?

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:00

Researchers are observing driver and pedestrian responses to "driverless" research vehicles on campus by wearing costumes resembling empty car seats.

Dutch Smallest Computer

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:00

Researchers have constructed a small supercomputer from four servers with four professionalized graphics cards.

Science, Engineering Studies Are Still a Hard Sell to Women

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:00

Women earned just 21% of U.S. undergraduate engineering degrees and an even smaller share of computer science degrees, according to new data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

Crowdsourcing a Practical Indoor GPS

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 12:00

Researchers are using crowdsourced Wi-Fi fingerprints from smartphones to build a highly accurate indoor global-positioning system.

Virginia Tech Professor Builds Algorithm to Detect Traces of Cyberbullying

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 12:09

Virginia Polytechnic and State University professor Bert Huang is working to develop an automatic system for detecting cyberbullying.

Machines Learning Evolves, and Hackers Stand to Gain

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 12:09

Experts say the growing pervasiveness and maturity of machine learning makes it an increasingly attractive candidate for cybersecurity applications.

New Approach Developed by Humanists and Scientists Maps Evolution of Literature

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 12:09

Researchers have partly developed a new approach for identifying subtle patterns to map out how ancient Latin and Greek texts relate to each other.

Into the Breach

Tue, 04/11/2017 - 10:42

Cyber ratings firms help companies evaluate the risks of doing business.

Canada Tries to Turn Its A.I. Ideas Into Dollars

Mon, 04/10/2017 - 19:42

Long before Google started working on cars that drive themselves and Amazon was creating home appliances that talk, a handful of researchers in Canada—backed by the Canadian government and universities—were laying the groundwork for today's boom in artificial intelligence.

Quantum Computing Is Going Commercial with the Potential to Disrupt Everything

Mon, 04/10/2017 - 19:07

Consider three hair-pulling problems: 1 percent of the world's energy is used every year just to produce fertilizer; solar panels aren't powerful enough to provide all the power for most homes; investing in stocks often feels like a game of Russian roulette.